Calls4Health (C4H)

A service provided by MIMI’s Clinic that calls and checks in with folks to make sure all is well.

Calls can be made once a week, or up to 3 times per week, as recommended by your provider and as you desire.

These calls are not substitutes for appointments with your provider. They are intended to be a quick check to see if you are well or if you require any assistance.

Sometimes we just need
a little extra help.

Maybe you just had surgery, have an illness, or maybe you just need someone to check in with you now and then.

We can do this and make sure you get the support, service and care that you need.

Our service provides affordable peace of mind for you, your family and friends.



Calls4Health one (1) time per week = $15.99 per month
Calls4Health two (2) times per week = $19.99 per month
Calls4Health three (3) times per week = $22.99 per month

For more information or to schedule a C4H intake appointment call 970 628-1624 or contact us below