The below pricing applies to anyone who is not a MIMI member  or program participant. MIMI members and program participants receive discounted pricing.

If you are hoping your insurance might cover your therapy please give us a call to discuss your potential options.

We do our best to provide the highest quality and service at the best price however, pricing is subject to change and may not be reflected below.

IV Therapy Pricing

Initial IV intake: $119 (if you are already an established patient this fee is waived)

Individual Infusions:

  • Myers: $175
  • Vitamin C: $175
    • G6PD testing: $45
  • Glutathione: $105
  • Pure Hydration: $85
  • Immune Boost: $85
  • Immune Plus: $225
  • Iron: price depends on dosing, will will determine cost per your need.
  • Engystol: $85
  • Jumpstart: $155
  • Performance & Recovery: $225

Combination infusions

when 2 or more infusions are combined you receive a discount of $50 per individual infusion beginning with the second.

IV Programs

IV programs are available for those requiring multiple infusions or longterm therapy. A discount of at lest 5% is provided when programs are paid in full in advance of therapy, in addition to the combination infusions discount.

Port Access

Our staf can also access and use your port when appropriate for infusions and lab draws. Please contact us for details specific to your needs.

Injection Pricing

B12 – methylcobalamin standard dose 1 mg: $35

Immune Boost: $45

Vitamin D3 5,000 – 50,000 IU: starting at $45

Glutathione 200 mg: $35

Engystol: $45

Injection Programs

1 IM injection per month: 5% off individual injection price (must pre pay a minimum of 3 months)

2 IM injections per month: 10% off individual injection price (must pre pay a minimum of 2 months)

4 IM injections per month: 15% off individual injection price (must pre pay a minimum of 1 month)

IV and Injection therapy at home

We also offer home visits for IV and injection therapy. If you are interested in having us come to you please call us to discuss and set up your home visit.

In addition in some circumstances, with IM and SQ (subcutaneous) injections, we can teach you you do them at home with our high quality prescription products.