Dear patients, neighbors and friends,

MIMI’s clinic is aware of the disruption caused by the pandemic and wants the public to know that the following essential services are continuing:

1. Calls to medical provider for brief evaluation and Q & A.
2. In clinic procedures with medical provider.
3. Telehealth for follow-ups and consults with medical provider.
4. Calls4Health program.

In addition we are adding:

1. Expanded telehealth services
1. Supplement and supply deliveries.
3. Grocery and sundry delivery services (case by case basis).
4. Expanded supplement mailing service for out of town clients.

What you can do to stay healthy:

1. Follow the 5 recommendations of the WHO:
  – Hands: Wash them often for at least 20 seconds
  – Cough: cough into tissue and immediately throw it into trash (covered)
  – Face: Don’t touch your face (eyes, ears, nose)
  – Feet: Maintain social distancing, stay at least 6 ft away from people
  – Feel: Have symptoms or feel sick (fever, cough)? STAY HOME

2. Support your general health
  – Exercise, get outside
  – Stay well hydrated
  – Eat your veggies and drink clean water
  – Get plenty of rest
  – Stay calm (meditate, breathing exercises, etc)
  – Stay connected to your friends and family (phone calls, video chats, etc)

3. Support your immune system
  – Use hand sanitizer/disinfectants, air cleaners to keep you and your environment clean
  – Take your herbs & supplements (like medicinal mushrooms, echinacea, astragalus, garlic, oregano, vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, advanced cellular silver, essential oils – and many more). Don’t have any or need more? Let us know – we have them in stock!
  – Consider adding IV, injection and ozone supportive therapies to your health regimen, ask us how!
  – Want to learn more about supporting your immune system? Consider taking the Immune Masterclass. More information at:

Keep yourself informed and follow credible sources of information such as…

World Health Organization (WHO):…/novel-coronavirus-2…/advice-for-public

For the US
– Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

For Colorado & Mesa county
– Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment:
– Mesa County Public Health:

For Utah and the Moab area
– Utah Coronavirus website:
– Moab City:

MIMI’s Clinic will continue to support our communities through this stressful time.
Help and support is a phone call away, 970-628-1624.

In health and gratitude,
Dr Paula & the Wellness Mob
MIMI’s Clinic at the Marchionda Imaginative Medicine Institute