The Imagery of Well-Being

Hello and good day to you from MIMI’s clinic.  Let’s talk shop shall we?     
 What do you see in your mind’s eye when the word well-being is casually mentioned?  Do you think of the word health? Do you see images of your youth, or does the image of a perfect salad complete with fresh grown vegetables, drizzled with only the most delicate of olive oil vinaigrette pop into your head?  Perhaps your mind expands to more words, such as mind, body, spirit. Do the images in your mind change if your doctor says the word healthy? Do you now think of blood draws, lab tests and medical screens? Do the words, “absence of disease” come to mind?  The word healthy or the word well-being is subjective and a bit illusive depending on the context for which they are used. A person who smokes 3 packs a day and another person who runs 5 miles a day may both claim to be healthy. A person who has been diagnosed as being terminally ill may still claim the word health in some aspect of their life.  If someone feels good they will probably say that they are healthy regardless of what they eat or how much they exercise or don’t exercise. If someone is happy they may claim to be healthy even if they are leading a sedentary life.
It is when people do not feel well, or they become unhappy that they may evaluate their life and decide that they are not healthy.  Sometimes an event will present itself very suddenly and other times it is subtle and slow moving.  

•Pain and illness are motivators to seek health or well-being.  

Pain, which is often associated with illness comes in many shapes and sizes and can come from anywhere in a person’s life.  It can be physical, mental or spiritual. It can be relational. It might be a short burst or it may seem to never go away. When pain or illness comes, people seek to get rid of it.  Their behavior may change. They may seek help from a friend, a doctor or a substance. The goal is generally to get rid of the pain or illness and feel good again. But pain and illness are tricky and can be just as subjective and elusive as well-being and health.

•Where are you in the continuum of well-being and illness?
•What is your image of well-being?

Dr. Marchionda, better known as Dr. Paula, and our  team at MIMI are highly educated and trained and can help you find your well-being again and lessen pain issues.  No, we do not have a magic wand and we cannot “fix” your life. However, we can be your guide to a healthy life on the ever changing road of well-being and pain resolution.  

•Dr. Paula is a physician who specializes in physical well-being.  She has tools, knowledge and the know how to help your body find balance again.
•Our team is highly trained and compassionate with a passion for helping people find their optimal level of health.
•We will listen to you.

Find your image of well-being.

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