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Welcome To MIMI’s Clinic
& Marchionda Imaginative Medicine Institute

Our mission at MiMi is to promote health, well-being and quality of life through compassionate imaginative healing arts including Integrative, Functional, Preventive & Regenerative Medicine, ceremony, artistic expression, life long education, research and service.

We are dedicated to helping people change their stories and process grief and loss through heart-centered practices. We provide a safe place for processing and growth using imaginative medicine techniques from many different schools and traditions including nutrition and dietary supplements, movement and energy work and other modalities. We do not include pharmacologic or psychotherapy interventions.

What is Imaginative Medicine?

Imaginative Medicine is simply thinking outside the box of conventional medicine by using integrative, functional and regenerative medicine and infusing these with traditional healing practices. For example it can include using dietary supplements, peptides, cell therapies, combining some or all of these with guided imagery, meditation, ceremony, music, movement, and various other techniques to encourage healing of our minds and bodies and bring creativity into our lives.

MIMI's Clinic & Marchionda Imaginative Medicine Institute


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