Gut Health

Digestive & Nutritional Support

Digestive and Gut Health:

How do we know if your gut is happy?

How do we help you have a happy gut?

Develop a personalized precision plan for you. We all have unique bodies and biochemistry. Your plan is precisely tailored to you. There are a variety of interventions that can repair and support a healthy gut. Our Gut health program, Gut Health Optimization (AKA The Go! Program) is what we use, personalized to your needs, to get you going.

Gut Health Optimization (The GO! Program)

Our GO! program is designed to optimize your overall gut health. Gut health is vitally important to digestion and assimilation of nutrients, and also to our immune function and our brain health.

Our programs includes:

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Nutritional Support

After we identify how to help your get to optimal health we tailor your nutrition and dietary choices to support that goal. It may mean avoiding certain foods or eating more of other foods, at least in the beginning. It doesn't mean you can never have your favorite foods ever again. We will work with you to develop aplan that works for you - including your preferences, time for food preparation, what does this mean for your partner or family, and any other factors we need to consider. You are always in charge. You are the captain of your ship - we are your crew.

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