MIMI's Clinic

Services, Therapies & Programs

Thinking outside the box of conventional medicine using Integrative, Functional & Rejuvenative Holistic Medicine 

ECG and CIMT Ultrasound

Neuro-Cognitive & Cardio-Pulmonary Testing

Digestive & Nutritional Support

Reflux, SIBO, Leaky Gut, IBS, etc

Gut Optimization (The GO! Program)

Immune Health 

COVID & Acute Illness Support

Autoimmune Issues, Chronic Infections

Hydration & Vitamin Therapies

Ozone, Prolozone & more

Keeping joints healthy & ddressing pain wherever it

 occurs using Integrative & Functional therapies

Laboratory Testing

Blood, Stool and other Testing.

DNA & Genetic Testing

On Top of the Mountain

On Top of the Mountain 

is our longevity & wellness program

Ozone insufflations, UVO3, 

& Other Ozone Therapies

Sexual Health Wellness & Rejuvenation

GainsWave & FemiWave

Hormone  & Sexual Health Programs

Thyroid & Hormone Support

Thyroid, Adrenal & Other Hormone Imbalances