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Paula Marchionda MD, MPH, BSN

Medical Director

Dr. Marchionda focuses on providing care for the whole person by addressing the root cause of illness. She is passionate about supporting our bodies to heal themselves. 

While board certified in Integrative Medicine she is also an expert in cancer survivorship, wellness, and functional &regenerative medicine. She is licensed in Arizona, Colorado and Utah with her clinic residing in Grand Junction, CO. She continues to pursue advanced  training and believes in life-long learning. In addition, she is an Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist and provides Acudetox ear acupuncture in the clinic. Dr. Marchionda is also a 20+ year breast cancer survivor, which explains her enthusiasm for the care of cancer patients' and survivors'.

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Dr. Marchionda has worked with healers from many different traditions and modalities over several decades and does not align with any particular tradition or call herself by any traditional title other than physician and healer, striving to stay true to the original meanings.

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Ann Graham


Ann is a CNA and she is currently studying Medical Billing & Coding. She has worked as a home caregiver and in healthcare facilities.  We are very excited to have her with us at MIMI's not only for her patient care skills, but also for her much needed organizational skills and her ever-present humor.

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