MIMI is very excited to have Chef Jill Peters on staff!

Please see her bio on our staff page for more about Jill. And check out our new offerings from MIMI’s Kitchen below!

The addition of Jill to our team allows us to do more fun and creative programming around food and nutrition, including farm to table workshops with local farms and nutritious food product producers. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it. If you have ever had the opportunity to eat any of Jill’s culinary creations you know what I mean.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic MIMI’s Kitchen is closed, but…

Coaching sessions with Chef Jill via Zoom ARE AVAILABLE!

Coaching sessions with Chef Jill via Zoom ARE AVAILABLE!

  • Want to learn how to cook well and make meals that taste fabulous? Set up coaching sessions with Chef Jill. Learn to prepare meals from farm or grocer to table with exceptional skill and flavor with the techniques that only a real Chef can teach you.
  • If you wish to set up Zoom coaching with Chef Jill please email: ChefJill@mimicares.com

Chef prepared meals in your home – not currently available due to COVID-19

  • Don’t get stressed out about what you should be eating and how to cook it, let Chef Jill take care of it and you. She will provide healthy meals that meet your nutritional needs and explode with flavor. Take a night (or day, or more) off from the kitchen and enjoy meals from our spectacular 5 star chef!