Energy Medicine & Meditation

Ceremonies offered at MIMI:

Individual Session 

            Individual sessions are available with Dr. Marchionda intuitively tailored to your needs. Sessions take place in a safe, private, and compassionate environment  and usually involve a blend of techniques that frequently include breath work, a cleansing component (see below for examples), biofield/energy work, and touch therapy.  These sessions are not psychotherapy or "talk" therapy sessions per say however, a great deal of processing and change can occur. 

Egg Cleansing

             Egg cleansing is a common practice throughout Central and South America. These ceremonies can be powerful and transformational.  They work to restore balance and connection. In one form of an egg cleansing an egg is run over the client’s body, like a gentle massage (while fully clothed). The egg draws out grief, stress, stagnation, anger etc. enabling the client to release whatever might be causing issue. The egg will begin to feel heavy while the individual being treated feels the weight of their hardship lessen. There are many variations of this practice and it is always tailored to the individual client.

Peacock Feather Story Clearing

            Peacocks are symbols of wisdom and compassion, often compared to the mythical phoenix. They are also compared to the bodhisattvas for the ability to consume poisonous plants without being affected, as a bodhisattva is capable of taking in the toxins of human emotion while still attaining Enlightenment.

            In healing rituals peacock feathers are a symbol of compassion. In this ceremony, feathers are fanned over the individual to remove negative energy or to clear the words of your story you wish to change and release. This is a heart-centered practice of compassion that is particularly useful in grief and loss. 

Personal Ceremony

            In addition to the above options, we can help you design your own personal ceremony or ritual. For some this may consist of learning a meditation, for others it may incorporate movement or other cleansing techniques. There is a wealth of traditions to work with and borrow from to build your own practice that fits your beliefs and values. The goal is to bring peace and balance through heart-centered compassionate practice to your life.

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